Programming for Weightlifting

Programming for Weightlifting requires striking a balance between developing strength, speed, technical qualities, as well as the psychology needed to compete at the highest levels. Learn how Max Aita strikes the right balance for Team Juggernaut. Max Aita takes a...

Programming for Weightlifting | Exercise Selection & Sequencing

Max Aita continues his discussion of the process of organizing training for the Team Juggernaut Weightlifters. This is Part 2 in the series and focuses on how exercises are selected and sequenced based on a lifter’s needs. The post Programming for Weightlifting...

Scientific Principles of Weightlifting | Variation

The Principle of Variation, when properly applied, will help an athlete avoid staleness, adaptive resistance and injury, without interfering with directed adaptation. The post Scientific Principles of Weightlifting | Variation appeared first on...
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