Unbreakable Sports Performance

Forging Unbreakable Athletes

Unbreakable Sports Performance is where the top greater Indianapolis area athletes come to become Unbreakable Athletes. At Unbreakable Sports Performance, your athlete will train to become stronger, more explosive, run more efficiently and faster, and build up their confidence to take on anything in life.

Unbreakable Sports Performance is a very technique driven program.  We ensure that each and every athlete has perfect form on any lift or exercise before any weight is applied to them. The Unbreakable way allows your athlete to have the tools they need to achieve success on and off the field, court, pitch, and mat.  The goal of every training session is to push our athletes past their mental and physical limits onto the path of achieving success.

We would love the opportunity to join you and your athlete on the journey of reaching their dreams and aspirations.


Schedule a GamePlan Session

The best way to Get Started with Unbreakable is to schedule a GamePlan Session. One of our certified coaches will meet with you in order to get to know you. The purpose is to hear about any goals (performance, weight loss, nutrition, etc) or plans you have. We also want to discuss any issues or injuries. Then we can design options for optimal performance.

Great Gym with wonderful people to help you learn. I look forward to training here for Highland Games and maybe even Strongman competitions at some point.”

Jon McCain

Only great things to say about UAA – this gym welcomes me every time I stop in for a short weekend back in Plainfield, and treats me like every other member with exceptional coaching, challenging WODs, and and an all-around clean, encouraging, safe and friendly environment. Thanks for taking care of me and being my box-away-from-home, UAA!”

Jen Sheets

“Jax has been coming to Unbreakable since late March. I’ve seen incredible changes in him since then. The first is his attitude toward workouts. He’s always been a kid that will do what’s asked of him, but he loves coming to your gym and loves the coaches. He asks me what days he’ll be working out and every time I pick him up, he can’t wait to tell me what they did. He’s rang the bell several times and always gets a big kick out that!”

Adam Summers

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