Jordan Walters was coming up on her 6 month anniversary at UAA, and while she felt like she had made great strides in her strength, she had hit a plateau. She then joined the U-22 Challenge. Read about her experience below!
“I did a body scan one month into the U22 challenge, and compared to my body scan three months before. In that time I had lost 7 pounds of overall weight, 3% body fat, but gained 1.5 points of skeletal muscle mass. I have learned that getting better at workouts takes more than training your body during classes. You have to train your mind to work towards and plan for success. You have to train your body to rest and recover, and you have to train your body through the foods you put into it. If you want to see full-body results, you have to focus on full-body care. I have gotten better at incorporating protein consciously into all of my meals. I prep better for the week as well as for when we eat out. I check the menu choices before hand so that eating out doesn’t derail my entire nutrition plan, and I get to try some delicious new dishes at places I already enjoy. Taking these choices into consideration in the future is a simple way to keep moving forward in my goals. Doing this challenge and focusing on nutrition has helped reawaken my love of cooking. I have always enjoyed it, but having to focus on multiple nutrients has helped expand my meal repertoire and gotten me out of an anti-cooking slump. I love including my kids in the meal process as well. My son is getting good at taking something we like to eat like rice or noodles, and helping me pick out what protein and veggie components to add to it, which I think is pretty amazing for an almost-4-year-old! This challenge has further shown me that the UAA community is here to support each other and help each other along the way. I am excited to take this challenge along with me into the future and see how I can keep improving both in terms of nutrition and in strength.”

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