Lauren Yekel is a three year member of our Unbreakable Community. She is a graduate of ISU and is a Registered Nurse. She is currently in school to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. Before joining UAA, Lauren trained by herself with a focus on yoga and less strength training. She became frustrated not seeing the results she desired, and didn’t enjoy training solo. Lauren’s husband is also a member here and she liked the programming he was following and decided to join! When Lauren first came to Unbreakable she was intimated and afraid she wouldn’t be able to keep up with the workouts. She could not do a pull up without the help of a resistance band, and could not run a mile without stopping. Lauren was afraid this would hold her back. Now, Lauren can do multiple kipping pull ups and run better than ever (even though she HATES running). Recently Lauren and her husband Broderick partnered up for their second Murph. Not only did Lauren run both miles without stopping, they beat their 2019 time by 3 minutes! Lauren feels that during her time with UAA she has seen all around improvement, but especially with presses. She recently hit a 205# PR for her sumo deadlift! 💥 Lauren plans to participate in the 2022 CrossFit Open. She would like to master double unders and eventually get a muscle up. Lauren stays consistent in her training by making a plan. Her work schedule varies so it is important that she dedicates time to training. “UAA has become a vital part of my life and I always feel better both physically and mentally when I make training a priority.” Lauren finds training and hitting PRs motivating. It boosts her confidence and she loves seeing improvement! When asked how the UAA community has helped her Lauren responded: “We have the best community by far, just walking into the gym is motivating. I wouldn’t have made it through some of the WODs without the encouragement of our community.”

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