Clay Peters is an Avon High School alumni. He wrestled his freshman year and played football all four seasons, however rugby has been the sport he has fallen in love with. He played Rugby for Avon as a forward, number 8 and is continuing his athletic and academic career at Marian playing rugby and studying sports performance or exercise science. The Avon rugby team began conditioning at UAA and that is how Clay began training with us. Now he trains independently with another one of our student athletes, Jack Beebe. During his time with us at UAA, Clay has seen an increase in his strength and speed. He can bench press 365, squat 565 and deadlift 525. He really enjoys training and bettering himself mentally and physically. “Working out” is his main hobby. When asked what he enjoyed most about training at UAA, he responded with “Training with Jim. He is really funny and I enjoy his sense of humor. He inspires me to work hard and gives great advice.”

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