Dasee Johnson has been a member of our Unbreakable community since June. If you haven’t met her yet, you need to! She mostly trains at the 5:30 sessions and you can often find her training on Saturday mornings. Dasee joined UAA after listening to Atomic Habits by James Clear. One of the points made in the book is to surround yourself with people who have the habits that you want. She had never stuck with at home workouts she tried in the past so she knew a community would help. As we know at UAA, iron sharpens iron. When she first started Dasee admitted she was nervous. Mostly about quitting. Since starting she has made vast improvement across the board. She began recently to use the barbell for OHS (goodbye training bar), gained strength and cardiovascular capacity, and completed the 75 Hard challenge.  “There was a part of Atomic Habits that I will never forget.  It talks about how your habits create your identity.  How a smoker says, “I’m trying to quit” but they do not say “I do not smoke”.  They identify as a smoker.  I’ll always remember asking myself what my habits make me.  A quitter.  That wasn’t me being mean to myself or anything.  It was a clear assessment of my life in regards to my health.  That is what started me thinking about Crossfit and then 75 hard.  I knew I needed to do something and it needed to be about overcoming my identity of being a quitter.  I lost about 20 lbs of body fat, saw huge changes in my body but also had a mindset change where I didn’t have to decide to do something each day.  I said I was going to do those 5 things, everyday for 75 days, so I did.”

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