UAA and Unbreakable Lifestyle & Nutrition client Dawn Henderson is our transformation Tuesday highlight this week! Dawn has seen great improvements in her strength and fitness including recent 15lb+ PRs for deadlift, bench press and back squat. Dawn was self admittedly “skinny but not fit or strong” when she joined. With a previous deadlift PR of 130 she now is easily lifting #135 multiple times in a wod! “In the last 7 to 8 months I have put more focus on the healthy eating aspect of my overall nutrition, and trying to create sustainable habits through the Unbreakable Lifestyle & Nutrition program. I try to stay consistent in my health by making sure that working out and eating healthy are a priority. Sometimes my work schedule makes it a little difficult to get into the gym but I have tried to push myself to make up some of that at home. Having my amazing accountability partner always helps. We text each other weekly to see what gym sessions we’re going to be able to get together on and it makes me look forward to going to the gym and being around her and all of the rest of the people that I love to work out with. The Unbreakable Athletics and Lifestyle and Nutrition communities are extremely beneficial to me. I love the people and getting to spend time with them. It’s great for my physical and mental health to have people who support me in every aspect. Having Jen as my personal coach on nutrition is amazing as well. She is holding me accountable and helping me find sustainable habits which has certainly helped in my nutritional choices.”

Best gym in the area with challenging workouts that can be scaled to your ability and the best people to coach and push you. Almost 4 years in and don’t regret stumbling upon this place at all!! I love my Unbreakable Family!

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