Doug Riley had been a part of the “bro workout” scene his whole life. A lifetime athlete who played multiple sports, including soccer, baseball, football and hockey, Doug had grown bored of the typical gym life and wanted something new. “I was really tired of having to create my own workouts – the gym had started to feel like a job, and the gym shouldn’t feel like a job.”

“It should be a where you go to relieve stress, not create more of it.”

After spending years “gym hopping,” running around from gym to gym (mostly in response to whatever current special a gym was running), UAA Coach Chad Dockery talked him into attending a Crossfit workout – and wouldn’t take no for an answer. “My first Crossfit workout at Unbreakable was horrendous. It was so hard. But I came back.”

A primary motivator for Doug staying in shape has always been his love of hockey. Doug has played hockey since the age of three, and Crossfit is keeping him in shape for the physical demands of hockey. Hockey is a game of skill, speed and coordination – incredibly an NHL player can skate up to 5 miles per game!

Two and a half years later, after that first “horrendous” Crossfit workout, Doug is still challenging himself at UAA every week. “I love that I can just show up and we do the workout that is already prepared for us on the board, and I don’t have to think about it. Oh, I’m going to complain the entire time,” he laughs,” but I’m still going to do it.”

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