Jake Diaz has been a member of Unbreakable Athletics Academy since 2013. Before joining Unbreakable, Jake started training for the mini marathon in 2011 to lose weight. Once the weight was gone, he got into bodybuilding to try and gain some muscle mass. In 2013 his cousin invited him to his first crossfit class. He loved it and never looked back. Check out those before and after pics! 👏🏻 💪🏼 Jake then became interested in Olympic lifting, and started doing weightlifting competitions. This has been his main focus for the last 4 or 5 years. Jake really enjoys “Heavy AF back squats” and Cindy is his favorite WOD. “UAA is full of really good people. I like to surround myself with the types of folks you can find here. Furthermore, when everybody is suffering together, it makes things suck a little bit less. I love being a part of that!” Jake’s current goals are to clean and jerk #315, and to put up an official muscle up.

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