Lindsey Romero will be a sophomore next year at Avon High School, and plays point guard on the basketball team. Lindsey has played basketball for six years, and began playing AAU. Outside of training and basketball she enjoys spending time with her friends, long boarding, exploring new places, and hiking. She began training with us in March and since then she has made vast improvements. Since starting in March: Her counter movement vertical jump (quick down/explode up): has gone from 14.3” to 20.6” in May when last tested. Her 4-jump (4 consecutive “pogos” for height) has gone from 12.4” to 16.9”. Her flying 10 yard sprint with a 20 yard build up has gone from 1.43 seconds (14.3mph) to 1.26 seconds (16.23mph) in early June. While all these stats are impressive, the countermovement jump and the flying 10 are most notable. Lindsey has gained over six inches on her vert, and she’s nearly 2mph faster- In the same race she beats her old self by 4 feet at the finish. Lindsey is consistent in her training. She shows up ready to work. She loves the environment at Unbreakable. “Everyone is so nice and encouraging even if you have never had a conversation with them before.” Lindsey is an excellent example that with hard work you will achieve the results you want! Small improvements and discipline add up to huge results.

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