Marc McCoy is 24 and is one of our newer members, only training with us about 6 months. Before coming to UAA Marc did not work out at all, but saw how much success his mom was having in her training and he had to come join us. You can regularly finding him putting in hard work at the 5:30 sessions and consistently on Saturday mornings. When Marc first started with us he was admittedly nervous about performing certain lifts and the movements we use regularly, however his progress shows he had nothing to worry about! Marc loves cleans so it comes as no surprise that one of his favorite WODs is Grace, and he is looking forward to participating in our upcoming Unbreakable Boobs fundraiser. Marc says he has seen the most improvement in his cardio and endurance since starting training with us, but his proudest accomplishment thus far has been being able to do a pull up! Marc works hard and is fueled by seeing just how far he can go and push himself mentally and physically. Recently Marc has set several PRs including 1×3 Sumo Deadlift @ 405 and 1×3 Front Squat @ 255. Aside from gaining strength and speed, Marc is down 20 pounds since working with Unbreakable Lifestyle & Nutrition. Marc is seeing tremendous results training and fueling his body appropriately. He is looking forward to the next InBody scan to see just how much more progress he has made in fat loss and muscle gain. Marc’s future goals include joining the 1,000 pound club and being under 200 pounds body weight. When Marc was asked what advice he would give a new member at UAA he said, “Embrace the struggle”. There is no doubt that Marc has faced physical and mental challenges at UAA head on and with a great attitude. He is an excellent example of Kaizen. Constant improvement. Always working. Consistently advancing.

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