Megan Laker came to Unbreakable Athletics Academy three years ago on a recommendation from her dental hygienist. The former chemist who now works in clinical trials had a long background of former athletic pursuits, including a love of running in high school and college.

But later in on life, she found her feet didn’t enjoy the running as much as she did – and after completing a marathon to cap off her running career, she needed a new way to stay active and fit.

“I was kind of overwhelmed at first. I thought to myself, ‘There are some really fit people here and I am never going to be able to do that stuff.’”
But, Megan stuck with it, and now looks to others in her class for motivation, without expecting to be exactly where they are in fitness at that moment. “I really just believe that you have to stay committed and that’s really what I needed.”

Megan also spent an entire year at Unbreakable learning to powerlift and completing her first powerlifting competition, an experience she says she enjoyed being immersed in. She is now back to training CrossFit four days a week and loves the group atmosphere of the classes.

“I know it sounds cliché, but I truly I look forward to seeing these faces every day. They are so welcoming and encouraging, and this is really something I can do for me. It’s my one hour a day that I am not at work and I am not at home – I don’t have to deliver anything; I don’t have to be a mom for just this one hour. It’s my therapy.”

Megan also praises the coaching team at Unbreakable for being so reliable and motivational. “I really just want to say thank you to the coaches here, they are so great and really know their stuff.”

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