Natalie Williams is a newer member of our Unbreakable Community and joined our U-22 Challenge that started on January 3. Thus far she has seen incredible progress. Here is her experience so so far in her own words.
“I really really enjoy this challenge. My partner Leticia and I have really hit it off with weekly phone calls/ and texts throughout the week. I think she really has a lot of information that helps and motivates me. Personally, I have had some of the best workouts of my life OUTSIDE the gym that I wouldnt have been able to do let alone come up with on my own 2 months ago. I think some big wins include calorie tracking, which I have never done before on a consistent daily basis. Also, connecting to people is so so beautiful. I feel like mentally it has been like an antidote to a lot stress and helps me process things better. I have gotten into reading as a prep to reading the book I chose.
Overall, I have not felt this healthy or a drive to be healthy for awhile. With February being a week away and me still excited to workout in the morning. Thats big win. Even bigger still , my husband has also started a health journey and has lost a lot of weight and started going to the gym and meal preppping.”

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