I want you to think of the letter “U”


A study was done on perception of motivation when working towards goals.

Turns out, motivation looks a lot like the letter U.

The two points are the start and end of your goal. But the curve is what we call the “motivational valley of death…

Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but the middle is where most people get stuck.

You’re far enough away from the beginning so the excitement has worn off.

And you’re too far away from the end to feel the big boost of completing the goal.

So how do you get yourself out of the valley?

If you’ve been making success a daily habit, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. In fact, a strong Challenge WOD can help you avoid it all together.

But if you’re really stuck, here’s a way to climb out…

Early in your pursuit of your goal, look backward at what you have achieved; toward the end, look forward.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

The best advice usually is.

Never forget how far you’ve come.

7 weeks ago your goal was just a dream, a wish, a twinkle in your mind’s eye.

Now, you’re halfway to making it a reality.

Keep going, don’t give up.


Strength: 10X3 Push Press EMOM

WOD: 3-person partner WOD. Rotate as needed.

Athlete 1: Rests

Athlete 2: Planks

Athletes 3: Works

70 Dead Lifts #255/175

70 Cleans #135/85

70 Presses #135/85



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