You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there.–Edwin Louis Cole

The beauty of CrossFit is that it exposes your weakest link. You might be great at marathons, but lack upper-body strength. You might be strong, but lack the endurance needed to climb hills. No matter how well prepared you are to meet life’s challenges, one weak link can do you in. You might be great at making money, but lacking in relationship skills. You might be strong enough to overcome physical illness, but struggling to overcome deep-seated guilt. CrossFit training is designed to give you the confidence to attack your weaknesses. You used to stare at the rope climb and wonder how in the hell you were ever going to do it. But you tried and you kept trying, and now you own that rope. If you can overcome that obstacle, then you can learn how to overcome an addiction, bad habits, inertia, unhappiness–anything that is dragging you down.

7/2/16 Training will be at The Hill at Hummel Park.


Strength: 14mins to find your floor press 3RM. Do 10 band pull aparts between sets

WOD: From the deck…5RFT
5 strict press (use 80% of your 1RM)
5 strict pull-ups (you can still use a band)
10 diamond push ups
30 ab mat sit ups


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