“Jim, I only have 10 more minutes to WOD after all we’ve done. So I need you to design one for us. And make it suck!”–Arlan

Arlan is one of the original CFU guys. He relocated his work, so he CrossFits in the Valpo area. But when he gets a chance, he stops by.

A few weeks back he popped in to train with Jen and me during Sunday Funday, and that was what he said. It was after we already trained, EMOMed, mobilized, etc. Then he wanted a terrible finisher. What did we do? Max reps sled push.

Arlan gets it. If it’s terrible, then he does it. If it challenges him, he does it. If it’s easy, he doesn’t. It’s a waste of time.

Moral of the story: Embrace The Suck and make your training meaningful.


6X4 Bench Press. Little heavier than last week.

Banded rows between sets. 4 reps.

1X20 BP at ~65% of today’s heaviest weight.



3 Push presses HAF

Short sprint


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