“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”–Henry Ford

  • Athletes are usually very nervous on Day 1 at CFU. They are just trying to survive, not finish last, and understand all the acronyms we use. But, it’s a beginning.
  • Then PR’s come quickly for those that are consistent. They start looking for areas to improve. Confidence builds, but the focus is still singular in nature. It’s progress.
  • Once athletes accept that it’s a lifestyle, and not a short-term get fit quick scheme, they settle in and continue their progress. WODs and challenges are not necessarily scary, but still a mental hurdle. It’s no longer “can I surge it” but “how will I attack it”. And the best ones…keep crushing WODs and strength gains, BUT they make everyone else better as well.


Strength: 3RM OHS. Same as last Monday.

If you’re looking for more conditioning, find your 15RM. Mobility issues?? Then work with a bar or PVC pipe and/or front squat

WOD: Death By Thrusters

Min 1: 1 thruster #95/65

Min 2: 2 thrusters

Min 3: 3 thrusters…

Go until you can’t.


10mins 0:30/0:30 wall press abs.



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