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Good news!!! CFU was approved as a Rogue Affiliate. 

Use this link when you make Rogue purchases. We earn credit towards buying more equipment for CFU!

Fundamentals Tonight at 5:30. Topic is Back and Front Squat. Have you low bar squatted before? It’s a valuable tool to have in the belt. Get your form right, and stay safe when you train!

Strength: 10X3 Back Squat. EMOM.

We’ve been doing 12’s. The next two weeks we drop all the way down to 3’s. Start at a decent weight: 70-80% and try to remain there.

WOD: 20 minutes of intervals 0:40/0:20

4 Rds of sand bag throws

4 Rds of plyo lunges

4 Rds of American KBS

4 Rds of calorie rows

4 Rds of L-sit from the bar


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