In prehistory, humans would track their prey and wear them out, hunting them until they were exhausted. The ability to “lock on” to a bigger goal is valuable, and it’s easier when you are on the hunt. That is why working out or racing against competition is so much more powerful, because you are on the hunt. As humans, we are uniquely develop to do this–track prey for days, even though they’re far faster than we are. It’s the classic tortoise-and-the hare metaphor. Many animals are faster, but we win in the end.

8/31 17:30 Fundamental Class: kipping

We have regular CrossFit classes this weekend, but no yoga.

9/5: Closed

9/17: Quaker Day Parade

10/22: Barbells 4 Boobs


Strength: 14min EMOM

Odd mins: 6 KB/DB GTO

Even mins: 6 inverted rows


WOD: 15min AMRAP

25 wall balls

15 Snatch or Clean & Jerk #135/95

10 8-count body builders

5 muscle ups (10 burpee pull ups)




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