“Kiss slowly, laugh insanely, live truly, and forgive quickly.”–Paulo Coelho

Most decisions in our everyday life will not be life-or-death ones. The challenge for many of us today is that we have all sorts of options, most of them designed to make things easier at every turn. Devices to make life more convenient, offers that allow us to renege on personal commitments, pills to ¬†help us stay awake, pills to put us to sleep, “workouts” where you hold a shaking piece of metal–shortcuts galore. CFU Athletes don’t look for shortcuts; we take the harder route because that is the path that offers the greatest reward. We delay our gratification, even if that gratification holds no guarantee.

Strength: 6X10 Bulgarian Split Squats (each side)

WOD: “Nancy”


400M run

15 OHS #95/65



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