No matter what form an obstacle takes in life, it usually isn’t supposed to be there. We assert that you can develop a mindset that allows your instincts to take over when something appears in front of you from out of the blue. Once trained, your mind isn’t clouded by the confusion wrought by the unexpected. Instead, the unexpected obstacle sharpens our focus. You can process the new data and adjust on the fly to new circumstances.


9/14 Fundamental Class. 17:30 Push Press, Push Jerk, Split Jerk

9/17 Quaker Day Parade 10:00 PCMS

10/29 Barbells 4 Boobs



Strength: Pressing

3X10 Bench Press

3X10 Floor Press



Shoulder To Overhead (STO): Push Press (or) Push Jerk (or) Split Jerk

and Hang Cleans




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