Janus’ Fury – 1.27.24

To register for this event, go to https://ironpodium.com/browse/event/janus-fury?fbclid=IwAR04bDGM2APwyKJvBFb2tgcBT8yZrz_erdoZZH4mw_n8xmtNF3JZkZmmx0E 

Strongman Corporation Membership is required for all competitors – https://bit.ly/3Ga2xDk

If there is only 1 athlete in a class, they will get combined with another class or just get a regionals bid (we will leave combining of classes up to the promoter).

If there are 2-5 athletes a class:

1st place – Nationals (2024) and Regionals (2024) invites

2nd – Regionals (2024)

3rd – Regionals (2024)


If there are 6+ athletes in a class:

1st – Nationals (2024) and Regionals (2024)

2nd – Nationals (2024) and Regionals (2024)

3rd – Regionals (2024)

4th – Regionals (2024)



Weigh-ins/Check-ins will be held at the venue Friday 09:00-11:00AM and 04:00-6:00PM & Saturday 07:00-08:00AM.

08:01AM Saturday is too late. Don’t ask.


Rules Meeting:

Important! Every athlete must be present at the gym by 08:00AM Saturday for the rules meeting. We will be going over EVERYTHING one last time, so PLEASE make sure you are present in case you have any last minute questions. Warm-ups will begin immediately after the rules meeting and the competition will start promptly 09:00AM.


There will be medieval items for those on the podium.


Spectator tickets will be for sale at the door for $10. PLEASE bring cash. Kids 10 and under are free.


Extra shirts for purchase at the event will be limited. If you know in advance you would like an extra shirt, please order one below. Extra shirts will be $30 each.

The Events:

Dead Lift:

  • Max reps in 60 seconds.
  • Rogue Beam Bar a.k.a. Saxon Bar on Rogue Wagon Wheels.
  • Gear allowed: suits, wraps, straps, sleeves, belt.

Log Overhead Hold

  • Must clean and press/jerk the log.
  • Hold for max time.
  • Once the log is locked out overhead, that becomes the one and only attempt.
  • Gear allowed: wraps, sleeves, belt.

Keg Over Bar

  • Max reps in 60 seconds.
  • Men’s height: 56″.
  • Women’s height: 46″.
  • Gear allowed: wraps, sleeves, belt.

Press Medley:

  • 60 seconds time cap.
  • Quickest done with 6 reps wins.
  • Clean and press/jerk the CDB 3 times. You can press away. No need to clean each rep unless needed.
  • Then clean and press/jerk the axle bar 3 times. You can press away. No need to clean each rep unless needed.
  • CDB is Bartos CDB for men and women’s size for women.
  • Men’s axle bar will be with Hummer-size tires.
  • Women’s axle bar will be with standard number plates.
  • Gear allowed: wraps, sleeves, and belt.

Carry Medley:

  • 60 seconds time cap.
  • Quickest done with 2 carries wins.
  • Carry two Titan top-loader farmers handles 60′.
  • Carry one sandbag back 60′.

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December 9, 2023

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