“You can go from couch potato to ripped in 6 weeks.”
It’s really just what people want to hear. Good marketing, sure. People don’t want to hear the truth.
This is where UNBREAKABLE is different. The TRUTH is…
Do fitness challenges work? Yes and No. Yes… they get you moving or keep you moving in the right direction. No…you’re not done after it. How long does it take to create and set a habit? Answer: 18 months!!!
This will be near the start of our 7th year in business. We’ve done them before. We know the issues, the problems, and what athletes need. We have the answers. Here is the truth:
-Our system and plan work. It’s straight forward. It’s real.
-Half will quit because it’s on them. They don’t want to make changes. They want to be comfortable. And nothing ever changed through comfort.
-If you do what we ask, you will have results, if you’re honest.
-You have to work and change your habits for growth and improvement to occur.
-We take care of every aspect except your effort.
1. 9 weeks long. Cost is $199 for Unlimited CrossFit training. ($101 discount). Starts. 1/2/19. Ends 3/6/19.
Everything else is a la carte:
2. Optional. Two InBody Scans (1/2/19 and 3/6/19). Cost is $40 total ($10 discount). Myo-Fit is providing the scans.
3. Optional. Spinal assessment. Cost is $20. ($55 discount). Flow Of Life Chiropractic is providing the assessment. Schedule on your own. We have the contact info.
4. Optional. Nutrition Work-Shop. Macros Labs will provide the work-shop on how to eat for you. That is on 1/5/19 10:30AM
5. Optional. 2019 Unbreakable t-shirt $10.
6. Maybe optional, maybe not. If you need to learn how to CrossFit, you will need to sign up for 5 OnRamp sessions for $100 total. It’s the cheapest OnRamp program in greater Indianapolis and the most comprehensive.
Two Optional Contests:
7. InBody Contest. Partner up. You and your partner will earn a point for every pound of muscle gained + a point for every pound of fat lost. Cost is $40/team. Winning team takes 1/2 the pot.
8. Consistency Contest. Partner up. You and your partner will earn a point for every day trained at Unbreakable. Cost is $40/team. Winning team takes 1/2 the pot.
Is it your time now? Is this the year? Who wants in??!! LET’S GO!!!
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