Lead by example. Donate and participate in B4B. It’s a lot of fun and a great cause. 1 in 7 women are impacted by it. So let’s be #CFUStrong and do this:


  • 10/25 5:30PM Mobility Clinic. Re: Post-WOD stretching
  • 10/28 5:30PM Placing CFU SWAG order
  • 10/29 9:00AM B4B
  • 10/29 7:00PM Halloween Party
  • 10/31 4:30PM only evening session for Halloween evening



  • Fitness: 15mins. 400M run + AMAP push ups on barbell + 20 pull aparts
  • CF: 5X6 Floor Press. Slightly heavier than last week.
  • Comp: Add a 1X30 drop set

WOD: 12min AMRAP Tabatta Work 0:20/0:10

  • 8 rds: barbell push ups
  • 8 rds: inverted rows
  • 8 rds: hanging leg raises
  • 8 rds: DU


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