“A pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood.”–General Patton

Tomorrow is Bring A Friend Day.


  • Fitness: 12 minutes. 5X (clean + thruster + press #95/65) + 20 lateral jumps over the bar, total.
  • CrossFit: Working sets. 6X (clean + thruster + press)
  • Competitors: Working sets. 6X (snatch + OHS + snatch grip push press)

WOD: I first did this WOD at CrossFit Naptown. It was my last day in the 100-day burpee challenge. Peter Brasovan was kind enough to program 100+ buprees in the WOD so I could finish out my challenge. It’s tough on the hands and is a suckfest. Glad I did it

10 to 1 and 1 back up to 10 pull ups and burpees

10 pull ups + 10 burpees

9 pullups + 9 burpees

8 pullups + 8 burpees…down to 1 pull up and 1 burpee

Then, back up to 10 pull ups and 10 buprees.



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