When you’re at your breaking point, mentally, you have 50%+ more to go physically.–Navy SEAL belief

Go Ruck Challenge today in Louisville!!

We have a team of CFU athletes who are doing the Go Ruck Light event today. They trained consistently and off to tackle the challenge. Wish them well. Cheer them on. Send them your support. CFU Athletes are doers. Go out and do likewise.

Here is more info on Go Ruck: http://www.goruck.com/challenge/c/27



  • 15mins for quality: sled D&B + 10 goblet squats + 40 flutter kicks
  • CrossFit: 5RFQ: Arm-over-arm sled drag (one way) + 30 sec stone hold + 8 BW lunges (each)
  • Competitors: 2RM stone cleans


  • 1 mile run + 50 burpees + 1 mile row
  • Scale: 800M run and row with the burpees
  • Competitors: Wear a vest


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