How long should you try? Until.–Jim Rohn

B4B This Week:

  • 10/28 5:30PM Placing CFU SWAG order
  • 10/29 9:00AM B4B
  • 10/29 7:00PM Halloween Party
  • 10/31 4:30PM only evening session for Halloween evening



  • Fit: Run 400M + 30 KBS + 20 Mt. Climbers + 10 Reverse Lunges
  • CF: 10X2 RDL EMOM
  • Comp: 10X2 Snatch DL EMOM

WOD: 12min AMRAP

  • 25 goblet squats + 15 KB push ups (each) + 10 K2E
  • Scale: Knee raises
  • Comp: N/A


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