When you think about quitting, think about why you started. It’s your life. Don’t be soft!

Ice Breaker WOD 1A will be released later today. Here is where you register: http://www.3dayweekend.com/Ice-Breaker-C256.aspx



  • Fitness: 16mins for quality: 15 goblet squats + 500M row + 45sec plank hold.
  • CrossFit: 10X2 back squat EMOM.
  • Competition: First 4 sets with 3 sec pause in the bottom.

WOD: Death By Dead Lifts and Wall Balls.

  • #225/155 for dead lift. Standards for wall balls.
  • Minute 1: 1 DL
  • Minute 2: 2 wall balls
  • Minute 3: 3 DLs
  • Minute 4: 4 wall balls
  • Go until you can’t. If you stop short of 20 minutes…cut the number you’re on in half. Stay at that rep scheme until the 20 minute mark


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