James Clear highlights in his book, Atomic Habits, that certain things must occur for new habits to start and persist. And one necessity is Enjoyment. We are “selling” restraint, work, struggle, and effort at Unbreakable Athletics. We are NOT selling beer, pizza, entertainment. We ask everyone to work here, to work hard! Almost no one would stick with us if there weren’t a level of Enjoyment with our approach. It’s hot here in the summer. No one likes to leave their house in the winter. And those obstacles get trumped when athletes have a strong “Why” for being here, and it’s fun as well.

We crank the music up. We have contests. We host events and competitions. We raise money for charities. We laugh at our mistakes. We ring the PR (Personal Record) bell when we succeed. We wear ridiculous outfits. We cheer each other on when the struggle gets real. The team is conditioned to look for the struggle. We learn to enjoy discomfort because we know it’s the only path to growth. “Oh man, this is going to suck, let’s get it.” Who says that? I’ve seen ladies in here with their pants on backwards and inside out, and guys the same goes for their shorts. And sometimes no one bothers to change because it’s funny and no one cares. Entire classes will go to parties together or out shopping. I’ve seen an entire class just go on a week-long vacation together. This would only happen if we enjoyed what we are doing and with whom we are doing it. That’s the culture here at Unbreakable.

Three tasks:

  • Greet everyone in your session and be sure to introduce yourself to anyone you don’t know.
  • No complaining, just positive comments to others.
  • Attitude is everything. Be present and encouraging in what we are doing.


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