Unbreakable Athletics has six Core Values: Integrity, Teamwork, Enjoyment, Sisu, Kaizen, and Discipline. Our Mission Statement was to make everyone in Hendricks County as healthy as possible. What’s great is that we have so many people we work with, within and also outside Hendricks County. More broadly we help our athletes achieve beyond their “why” to be healthy and perform at their optimum level. Our mantra, in one word, to achieve this is Relentless. For most, the simple basics and fundamentals will carry them a long way to achieve their physical goals. For the few that set monumental goals, everything matters. Inches matter. We coach and help athletes at all levels.

Everything we aspire to create and build here starts with Integrity. It means to do our best in all matters. This level of perfection is unattainable, as we make mistakes. However, the target is there; the habits are there; acting with Integrity sets the tone for all we do.

The All Blacks are New Zealand’s rugby team and the most successful franchise in Earth’s history. They have a higher winning percentage of matches than any team, in any sport. They have a phrase, “Sweep the sheds.” James Kerr highlights it in his book, Legacy. After a basic practice, when the players are exhausted and beat up, they each start with the chores of leaving their place in better shape than they found it. They “sweep the sheds” to clean up everything. It’s fundamental to their culture of doing their best in all things regardless of how they feel.

What does Integrity mean for us at Unbreakable? Specifically, it means to do what you say you will do. It means to show up to your sessions consistently. It means to be on time, give a full effort while training, never cheat yourself, never cheat your reps or the training, and do your best. Leave the place better than you found it, and continue with this approach throughout the rest of your day. Do what’s right regardless of circumstance. That’s our approach.

Three tasks:

  1. Sweep the sheds: leave the place and others better than when you found them.
  2. Train 4x/week and give a full effort. Leave it all out there.
  3. Hunt weaknesses. Find out what could be improved at each session.


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