One phrase that is artfully depicted on our gym wall is the “Strength of the pack is the wolf. And the strength of the wolf is the pack.” No one here or elsewhere achieves much solely alone. Each needs help along the way. This is truly evident at Unbreakable Athletics. Everyone on the Unbreakable team gets help and support. Our coaches help guide the athletes. The athletes help guide each other. Coaches hold other coaches accountable. Athletes hold athletes accountable. It’s circular and fundamental to what we do here.

On the CrossFit side, new athletes are guided with our On Ramp program before being released to train with the team. Coaches relentlessly cue and correct technique. They determine next steps and movements, even the weight to use. Next, when training with the team coaches continue this habit of cuing, adjusting, guiding, and pushing athletes to perform optimally. Athletes help spot flaws or spot during lifts. They encourage each other when they are struggling. The support group is there. The athletes may even send someone a message asking where they’ve been. Comically, it makes the self-imposed suffering more tolerable if I make my teammate suffer with me too. And it’s true!

On the Sports Performance side, the culture is the same. Athletes encourage and help spot each other. They help with rides and make sure they are on time. Coaches and interns are relentlessly assessing movements, effort, and important details. The team “breaks it down” at the end of sessions just like being on a sports team. And they attend others’ sporting contests. They bring in other teammates from their sports teams as well. The know in order to win, they must make their “pack” more formidable. They lock arms, dig in, and strain to gain those valuable inches that separate victory from defeat.

Three tasks:

Learn how to spot and look for flaws on each lift.

Hold yourself and other accountable. We are stronger together.

Be open to feedback.


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