Answers to most questions: it depends. Yes and No. So, what is the goal? What is your Why? What’s been happening along the way?

No answer: We recommend lifting weights to add strength to perform life’s functions optimally. We believe we should be able to move our own body weight as well as pick up unusual things and carry them, put them up, and simply move them. We also want to strengthen our weak parts and fortify those parts against injury. This is accomplished through resistance training, lifting. This training will recompose your body. Added muscle will burn more calories and therefore fat. It will transform your body to the way it was intended. How do we do this? We use submaximal (translated to weight that is 30-70% of your max) for high reps 90-95% of the time and heavy weight 5-10% of the time. We suggest 1 gram of protein / pound of lean muscle mass per day. Training like we do (lifting + conditioning during every session) will change your body. And when it has changed to how you want it, then evolve and make an adjustment

Yes answer: If you want to get larger, bulkier, then we can do that too. It’s not up to me to judge your “why”. It’s up to me to help you attain it. If you want to become the strongest version of yourself, then yes, we can do that. Very few want it, but some do. And that’s OK. How? East 1.3 grams protein per lean mass daily. Take creatine and all typical supplements. Drink a shake before bedtime. Take in more calories than burned. For your training continue to lift sub maximally 90-95% of the time and maximally 5-10% of the time. But all conditioning must be heavy, no body weight work nor running. Drag sleds and do carries for conditioning. And when you get to where you want, reassess and evolve as needed.

Then what? It depends. If you look how you want and are in the shape you want, then transition into a maintenance mode. Same thing if you’re strong enough. And when goals change or life changes, then adjust accordingly. Keep evolving. We are only here once. Make your experience how you want it.


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