Ice Breaker Update

WOD 1:

WOD 2:

WOD 3:

Above are videos for the 3 main WODs. We will post the video for WOD 1A early next week.

The videos discuss movement standards for each WOD. Judges will be enforcing standards consistent with CrossFit’ Judges Course.

A few other answers to some recently received questions:

  • WOD 1a: Each heat will start WOD 1a shortly after their heat ends. This will continue for all 8 heats.
  • WOD 1a: We will attempt to structure the format so that the athlete cleaning stones won’t coincide with his/her partner doing broad jump
  • WOD 2: Athletes doing pull-ups will use a dip belt and can add weight to it for the 3RM
  • WOD 2: Front squats can be taken from the rack
  • WOD 3: All barbells are taken from the floor
  • Championship WOD: It’s for the top 4 teams. It will be announced the day of the event
  • Bring food. It is not provided.
  • Announcements are at 8:00. WOD 1, Heat 1 starts right at 8:30. We do all we can to run the event efficiently and try to get athletes out on time
  • Be respectful: to the gym, to the athletes, to the judges, to the sponsors.
  • Have a blast. This will be a good one!



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